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My artistic background...

March 4, 2016

I have been playing the piano since I was 8 years old and began to find myself evolving as a musician and singer starting in high school. It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I began to find my own personal style that has a melancholy mood that is meant to create introspective experiences for the audience. I have played in various coffee shops in San Diego, New York City as well as popular venues such as Frankies Inner City in Toledo Ohio, and most recently performed at the San Diego fair in June 2015 on the Flower and Garden stage. My first album was released in 2011 titled “Still in Waiting.”
In regards to my artwork (which are the charcoal drawings posted on this blog page), I predominantly gravitate towards using charcoal and oils. My background as an artist began when I was 23 years old merely auditing a drawing class, which began to fan the flame of my creative process.
Due to focusing on completing a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology my time growing as an artist has been an ongoing challenge. However, in 2007 I began to display a few pieces at the Sherman Heights show titled, “The Object of Surprise.” Two years ago I also decided to further pursue a drawing class at Mesa community college. In fall of last year I exhibited my work at the Concordia church in Chula Vista. Last summer, 3 of my prints were displayed at Coffee and Art in downtown San Diego. My artwork has been inspired by my fascination with Salvador Dali’s surreal works and I have found a way to combine realistic images in a fantasy-like and melancholy style. I desire for my art to exude deep emotion and I am hopeful that God will use my story to inspire others to pursue their passions no matter their age, life’s unexpected circumstances or setbacks.